Mad Mondays

In partial fulfillment of Madwomen in the Attic’s literacy mission, and as part of the MITA Writes tradition, we have added a writing component to our Monday monthly meeting tradition. This writing project will be called: ‘Mad Mondays’.


MITA meetings are always held on a Monday– and usually on the third Monday of the month. The reason for this is to mirror the tradition of the national holiday Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is held on the third Monday of January each year.


Madwomen in the Attic has held only three meetings so far. Its status as a fledgling feminist organization allows us to build our foundation and our traditions from the ground up, together, with input from whoever shows up at our meetings and speaks up on our web pages. In order to make our meetings more accessible to all, our meetings this year will be held at two locations (i.e., safe havens), one in the city and one in the suburbs. Every other month, MITA will be held in the city– and, likewise, in a suburb. We are happy to announce that through the generosity of two church congregations, Pilgrim-St. Luke’s United Church of Christ in Buffalo and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Williamsville, we will be able to meet at safe, accessible locations at which parking is available.

In honor of literacy, and the power of the pen that meets the mighty hand of a madwoman, the days on which we will hold our meetings will be known as ‘Mad Mondays’. In celebration of our monthly madness, on the Mad Monday of each month, we will publish on our website something written by a member of MITA.

If you are willing to and interested in having your very own Mad Monday, these are the stipulations:

  1. You must be a member of MITA who gender-identifies as a woman or as a non-binary identity (i.e., you cannot write for MITA Mad Mondays if you identify as a man).
  2. You must write something (anything) that relates in some way to MITA’s mission. Featured Writers should have had some kind of experience with the mental health industry or with what is called “mental illness.” We leave the perspective and style of the writing completely up to our writers.
  3. You must submit your Mad Monday piece by the first day of the month during the month that it will be published so that the editor will have time to edit it and/or work with you to make additions or changes to it prior to its Mad Monday publication date.
  4. You must assign a writer’s name of some sort to it, whether that be fictional (as in Solla Sollew), “actual” (as in Jessica Lake Mason), or anonymousical (as in Anonymous).

Your subject can be personal, political, both, or neither. You may write poetry, fiction, non-fiction, a book review, a pop culture critique, an academic essay, a treatise, a list: whatever you like as long as it pertains to and supports the MITA Mission. Express yourself. Your feelings are welcome here. Your rants are welcome here. Your tangents. Your haikus. Your lambastiodicals. Your sociopolitical critiques.

We encourage multi-lingual entries. If a piece is written entirely in a language other than English, we only ask that an English translation be provided, as well, secondarily. We also ask that if you are writing about something for which not many people are well-versed that you define unfamiliar terms clearly to make your piece as accessible as possible and to educate your audience as adequately as possible.


We are seeking you and your proverbial or literal pens. If you wish to write for a Mad Monday but do not have access to a pen, paper, or a computer to do so, please contact MITA and we will offer assistance. If you need assistance with putting your words onto paper or into a textual medium, please contact us and we will meet with you to assist you in getting your words, thoughts, and ideas on the page.

Our goal as an organization, and the purpose of Mad Mondays, is to give YOU a voice. To let the madwoman speak of her madness at ‘the system’.

Chains can destroy a body but they can never destroy the content of your character. Social justice is our responsibility.

Part of supporting literacy is going out on a literacy limb. We are asking that you help others to speak their minds BY SPEAKING YOUR MIND. Loudly. Proudly. On Mad Mondays. We seek to have coverage for every month. If you are comfortable with writing, we will put you into the rotation as often as you are comfortable being in it. Each Mad Monday writers will be considered our monthly Featured Writer. We need writers to cover a wide range of topics, and we also need brainstormers to come up with topics for our writers– so there are many ways to support the proliferation of Mad Mondays.

Contact the MITA co-founders to sign up for a month or to offer a topic suggestion at or find us on Facebook.

May the Monday Madness be with you!


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