Lemmy Renee



Riddle: “What is full of emptiness?”

RE: Roadblocks to Justice?


5 ways to make the new year truly yours,

It’s free! Just like your tax return!

Today is your lucky day–

Roller skating for two,

Thunderstorms & Floods,

Your Voice, Needed Now!

Unique, tidy, organized trends

Illegal, Immoral & Anti-women.

About that scary mess…

Welp. I’m stumped.

Nearly half of Americans don’t recycle their beauty.

Reset! Clean Up!

It’s now or never to have 3X the impact.

Gift this to yourself,

Tomorrow is too late.

Feeling stressed, Jacquelina?


You don’t have to be!

Lock the cellar door,

Elect sustainable leadership,

Don’t let the internet spook your kids!


The piece Safe Bathroom by Lemmy Renee is a Flarf poem designed and composed to replicate the chaos of their thoughts while standing in a crowded room and how they’ve managed to overcome their social anxiety and panic disorder as triggers arise in those environments. By searching the words “safe” and “bathroom” into their abandoned childhood email account to word collage this piece, Lemmy brings order to their disorder, reclaiming years of being undiagnosed and having to learn to cope without completely understanding why. Bathrooms are sanctuaries— a safe haven from noise and expectation and a place to go if you just need a minute to compose, continue on. Safe Bathroom offers the same understanding and solace of those moments.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.55.46 PM.png


A Michigander gone Chicagoan, Lemmy Renee is a sex-positive and non-binary/gender fluid poet who has been sporadically writing poetry and keeping journals since the age of 11. Nowadays, they concentrate on writing technology generated poetry called Flarf. Lemmy has been previously published in the 23rd issue of Hooligan Magazine and the 1st issue of Ransack Press, as well as a featured reader at Happy Gallery, Volumes Bookcafé and Scratch in Chicago. When they’re not writing or reciting poetry, Lemmy is normally playing guitar, eating pie, loving on their friends and speaking candidly about their mental health and daily life as a preschool teacher on the World Wide Web.

Twitter: @apple__jax

Instagram: @lemja_lina

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