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Every year around this time, we discuss the courage, character, and determination of hundreds of women who paved the way for us to have access to equal rights and for our voices to be not only heard but regarded as well.

The strength, compassion, and “no non sense” persona that women such as Susan B. Anthony, Jane Adams, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Rosa Parks, just to name a few, are the very reason why we are able to vote, hold political positions, and be both a mother and entrepreneur today. The sacrifices of these exceptional women contributes to the change and opportunities we are afforded now which will lead to more access for generations to come.

Ladies, we stand on the shoulders of giants and derive from a lineage of powerful women who may have been frightened but pursued their purpose fearlessly. Were there setbacks? Were there challenges? Did they have struggles and inner conflict? Absolutely, but these brave and selfless souls were abolitionist, activist, leaders and world changers who pioneered the Women’s Rights and Civil Rights Movement regardless of their fears.

Their triumphant spirit and ability to evoke change lives within each and every one of us no matter our race, gender, or religion. The Spirit knows not a color but simply that a soul exists. You and those who came before us have made a difference!

So, today, I would like to take a moment to applaud and appreciate YOU! To the mothers who advocate for their children’s rights while defending their own, to the hardworking entrepreneurs that desire to leave a legacy, to the amazing Wives, Doctors, Lawyers, Social Workers, Nurses, Teachers, Educators and the like, thank you.

Thank you for your constant Yes when your aching body wanted to say no. Thank you for the countless letters written in hopes of getting the attention of someone who had the power to make a difference within the community. Your constant determination, sacrifice and selflessness is why groups like Madwomen in the attic exist.

With all this in mind, I cannot help but wonder how often we make sacrifices for ourselves. How many times do we include a self-care routine within our busy schedules? I know we are Superheroes’, have hearts of gold and can conquer the world but we too have a Kryptonite.

Let’s talk about it ladies. Let’s discuss how important not only our deeds are to humanity but the importance of taking time to serve ourselves. For all the lives we save, nightmares we calm, and boo boos we soothe it’s time to take off the cape and put on our crown to be served because sister girl, YOU deserve it.

Ladies, I declare a challenge. I challenge you this March and for the rest of the year to make You a priority.  Listed above are names of powerful women, including you. We all have flaws and it’s okay! Did you know that Nina Simone (Activist/Musician), JK Rowling (Author), Donna Summer (Singer), Sinead O’Connor (Singer), Clare Allen (British Novelist) and Catherine Zeta Jones (Tv Star), as exceptional as they were in their individuals rights, shared one commonality? They were all diagnosed with a mental illness. In reading their stories and understanding their struggle, the common denominator that led to the crisis and or breakdown was rooted in poor self-care.

It is so easy for us as women to work until we are burned out because of our natural nurturing spirit but we have to make sure our health is top priority. We work hard so let’s play even harder by addressing our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health; simply because we deserve it.

As a Chief Purpose Navigator and Self Care Consultant for Bandage Control, where we specialize in healing from the inside out, it is my responsibility to hold my sisters accountable.

Our phrase for this year is, “Be intentional.”

Recite this prayer of intent with me sis.

God of the Universe breathe life through me daily. As I serve my community teach me how to make time to serve myself. Help me to be a help to myself. Uncover the wounds that I may not address and provide the proper healing as I journey on my road to recovery. Lord be a fortress around me physically, mentally and emotional. Remind me that I am victorious even in my inadequacies. Encourage me to take care of this temple you have given me, mind, body, and soul. Remind me that it is okay to take a break when I am overwhelmed. Remind me that I am not defined by my past because you always see me at my finished state. Lastly, allow me to always rest assured in knowing that “All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord, for them who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). Amen!

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Christina Foster is the Founder and CEO of Bandage Control which was conceived in 2012 but started in august of 2014. She serves as the Chief Purpose Navigator and Self Care Consultant ensuring that she is not only tangible but accessible to her protégés (clients) by providing virtual and in person consultation services to individuals, families, and businesses. She specializes in purpose discovery and development, crisis intervention, and servant leadership. She also provides self-care counsel, identity reconstruction, purpose navigation and brand development.


Christina received her Bachelors of Social Work from Buffalo State College in May 2011 and published her first book, “Restoration in the Words of a True Lyricist“; while maintaining a full time position at Installs Inc., interning at Aspire of Western New York, and a “side hustle cooking business” all within that same year. This is the same dedication, determination, and commitment her protégés can expect. Working until goals are accomplished and protégés are satisfied is her primary focus.

Ms. Foster was born on the east side of Buffalo, New York where she was enrolled within the Buffalo Public School System for the duration of her education experience. Unfortunately, during her adolescent years Ms. Foster younger siblings as well as herself were placed in seven different foster homes and subjected to abuse by the very people assigned to protect them. During these turbulent times, Ms. Foster made a vow to God stating, “If you get us out of this situation I will be to others  what someone should have been to us.” Since then she has worked tirelessly and strategically within the community to make sure this promise does not return void. As a result she has received the My Black is Beautiful Award (2015), and the 30 Under 30 Change-Makers Award (2016). She has had the privilege to speak for the “You Don’t Know My Story” Symposium (2014)Elim Christian Fellowship (2014), Buffalo State College (2014- Current)Buffalo Urban League Young Professionals (2015)South Park High School (2016- current)The Belle Cente(2015-current), and “She Who Believed Foundation” (2016).

Christina Foster is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and held the position of Vice President during her undergraduate study. She serves as a mentor to youth and young adults in New York City and the Western New York area. Christina believes in the power of investing into young people by cultivating them to become leaders and empowering them to make a difference. Ms. Foster believes there are multiple avenues to healing. This is noted in her work as an Actress and budding Director within the Western New York Area. She will be starring in the upcoming Netflix television show Daddy’s Girl Club Written and Directed by her mentor Phil Davis. She is recognized for her outstanding performance in The Crucible (Kavinoky Theatre) portraying Rebecca Nurse (70 year old women) and Tituba (Barbados slave)In the Continuum (Paul Robeson) portraying six different characters in a two women show and Jitney (Paul Robeson Theatre) portraying Rena which led to an Outstanding Supportive Actress Nomination at the Artie’s Awards Ceremony (2017).

Ms. Foster is looking forward to writing, producing, and directing her documentary discussing the challenges of unhealed hearts alongside her Fiancé Julius Land. As an Empowerment Speaker, Purpose Navigator, Coach, Leader, Mentor, Actress, and most importantly SERVANT Ms. Foster looks forward to aiding others to empower themselves and make strides toward healing on their journey to recovery, one testimony at a time!


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  1. Simply Awesome! May God continue to bless you tremendous in your endeavors. Healing the entire body, heart and soul.


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