Kasey Marie Hynes


As the melancholy dispersed slowly into air

the midnight vision became skeptical and

breaking free, and in that moment: still

unknowingly summoned sands from afar

a heavy rain down-poured light and stars

immersing creation into lands and back to sea

and, suddenly, those guides of fair skin

and long eyes were without

physical body: spirit encased in energy

when that moment disappeared, I knew; deep:

how I must return to where I had once came;

enshrouded in darkness yet filled with light

there, I stood, a story and a memory of myself

and the ancients who still live before me

I shook, but only on the inside

as I gazed into the shadow standing before me,

lit up like the night sky, I felt like the moon

in all of her glory and beauty

wisdom understood far more than the human;

I stretched and reached for nothing, as

the dark is nothingness yet everything: I too.

the air felt wondrous and aromatic, 

like sweet candy and I wondered how often

I would visit, if more than this night

as the dark began to fade into day,

I lifted my eye to the sun and inviting,

the warmth encased my new body and

I lived: again. 


As a very spiritual being, I have always viewed mental health as the other side of the coin. As a young child, I would find myself among the trees in the backyard; in my own mind and emotions; feeling free. I always felt more connection within the arms of nature, as though that is exactly where I have belonged since my day of birth. And I still feel that connection, 37 years later, deep within my soul. I have the tendency towards escapism. The feeling of wanting to run away, into the woods and be the most raw being of dark and of light that I can be. Instead, I feel stuck in this society and I have always struggled with simply connecting to human beings. More so, the “normality” of society. And, so, in my mind there is the suicidal ideation and the disconnection to the very souls that I wish to know and to love. I believe, deeply, that it has much to do with childhood trauma and past life experiences. Yet, also, I know that being a sensitive and gentle soul makes it a bit more challenging to move among and with the masses of this whole community of space. 

However, within the past few years I have been able to make those much needed connections within the mental health community and the loneliness that I experience is less and less. We need the right and the ability to express the concerns within our own mind through means of community (art, science, nature, etc.) in order to persevere through the dark. Mental health is a situational and personal endeavor that varies from individual to individual. And above all: love, compassion and empathy are essential motives within this journey for ourselves and for others. 

Kasey Marie Hynes, being of light and dark, has immersed herself into the musings of and mysteries of her writings; which appear within a breath of air. Always one to be suited best in solitude, she has been wading (and diving deep) in the waters of poetry since the age of her early teens. Knowing feeling and emotion more than words themselves, she has found her way to access the internal turmoil of darkness and of love, usually in the worst of times, to bring it all into fruition. Inspired by the muse of nature Herself, Kasey becomes more whole with the elementals of earth and sky; writing under the light of Luna, surrounded by the green giants (trees) and near waters ever-flowing.

In other ways, she has always known her hands needed to unfold in softness; she has summoned her guides in becoming a practitioner of energy healing and wishes to manifest any necessary inspirations in her future writings. Her most recent success is a collection of poems, manifested throughout a decade, called Esoteric Visions and it is to be available for public access/purchase as soon as possible. Her poetry book is featured in two libraries, one in which she has had the honor of working as a library page. 

You can find her chasing rainbows within the darkness; sharing the beauty of nature, with fellow friends and family, using her humble camera companion; holding hands with her beloved partner and growing her roots as deeply within earth as she gently touches the sky. And she loves cats. 

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