Call for Featured Writers 2018-2019

Madwomen in the Attic is seeking featured writers for The Featured Writer Project’s 2018-2019 writing year, which will begin in September 2018 and will end in August 2019.

Open reading period: April 20 – June 20, 2018. For women and queer-identified (or non-binary) individuals.

Submission guidelines are listed here.

This is a non-competitive call for submissions, open to writers from any location across the globe; all who wish to be featured writers and who fulfill the submission guidelines will be included. MITA seeks to offer a space in which veteran writers write alongside novice writers as a form of advocacy to dismantle stigma and support women and queer people. MITA, as an organization, acknowledges equality and celebrates neurodiversity as it is expressed in writing. In this way, the space is a learning space, and all who dare to express themselves are celebrated. Our featured writers are not simply writing to showcase their work– they are also writing as a form of advocacy or activism. More information related to this topic is available on our FAQ page.

We will respond to inquiries and submissions within a few weeks of the submission, at the latest. Writers whose work qualifies, according to the submission guidelines, will be notified and invited to become featured writers.

There are three components to a featured writing piece:

1. The writing/art
2. A note from the author/artist (and)
3. About the writer, including a photo

We will not ask for all three of the components until we invite you to be a featured writer, but if you are interested in seeing what this looks like, please learn about some of our featured writers during the 2017-2018 year.

Send your submissions or notes of inquiry to

Help us to make the voices of the oppressed and underrepresented heard by sharing your words and art!


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