Madwomen in the Attic and this website contribute to an archive that chronicles the lives, experiences, and stories of people who identify as Mad and people who have been affected by the mental healthcare system or by psychiatric diagnostic labels.

Our organization contributes to the effort to preserve and make more visible the voices of people affected by the mental healthcare system. One of the ways we do that is by letting our readers know about books and events that contribute to Mad liberation and that contribute to a Mad archive. If you wrote or know about a book that centers the experience of someone affected by the mental healthcare system or that works for the liberation of people affected by oppression and violence in the mental health system, please let us know and we will share your book or archival source with our readership: email us with book or other recommendations at

All of the literacy projects and other work that we do together as an organization contributes to sustaining an archive of our lives, voices, and stories in order to work for collective liberation of all marginalized peoples.

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