Magic, Meaning, and Madness: Reclaiming Our Power

Madwomen in the Attic is going to be partnering with Herstory Training Institute and the College Consortium and the Coalition for Community Writing in the spring to offer writing workshops, but in the meantime, we would like to invite you to learn about our partnership with Herstory and the CCCW by joining us for a Saturday afternoon literary exploration of the potency of madness through memoir.

Join us as Herstory’s Coalition for Community Writing and Regional Economic Development/ New York State Council on the Arts fellows, Jessica Lowell Mason, Shahrzad Sajadi, and Janelle Gagnon, share the magic and meaning they make of madness, for a feast of vibrant images, wisdom, and deep meditation on the human condition in all of its variation, complexity, sorrow, and beautiful resilience.

Join Jessica Lowell Mason as she invites us into a moment of terror that becomes a palpable call for awakening, compassion, and wonder at the strength of the human spirit.

Join Shahrzad Sajadi, who draws upon the magic of her namesake to weave a web of the colors, shapes, and stories of intensified “being” that some might categorize as mad. 

Join Janelle Gagnon in her search for mad forebears who knew what she knows, as she chooses survival and strength in a language so starkly simple, and at the same time so lush that it takes your breath away.
Following these readings, we invite the community to join us in imagining a Page One Moment around experiences, reclamations, and reconfigurations of the ways we think about madness and mental illness. In this exercise, community members are passed the virtual microphone to share a moment or image in which they ask listeners to meet them as they begin composing their story, in a process that is magical in and of itself.

Produced in partnership with the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University and the Coalition for Community Writing.

To download a flyer, click here.
To register for this event, click hereand we will send you the link   Suggested donation: $25 Student donation: $10 or whatever you can afford Supporter Circle: $250 and above   Please note that the Angela and Scott Jaggar Fund is offering a dollar for dollar match for new and lapsed donors. To make a donation, click here.

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